Conversation Series: What Makes A Great Superhero?

January 28, 2020

If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, listen up! There’s a new superhero coming your way! No, we’re not pulling your leg—it’s true! Fadi Fadlalah, otherwise known as superhero Amulet, will be making his debut in Magnificent Ms. Marvel #13, which will appear in comic book shops in March. Who is Amulet and what kind of super powers does he have? Writer Saladin Ahmed, the person bringing Amulet’s story to life, isn’t revealing a lot about this highly-anticipated superhero, but he did say that his “powers are magical in nature and that he is an Arab-American superhero from Michigan.” Intriguing, we know! What else do we know about Amulet? Illustrator Sara Alfageeh drew him as a big but gentle guy. He also wears a family heirloom around his neck and a three-piece armor-like top with rounded rather than sharp edges. We’ll discover more about Amulet when he shows up in New Jersey and meets up with Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, in March! Until then, who’s your favorite superhero? Xyza co-founder Joann’s favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. Why? She’s strong, brave, and holds the lasso of truth. Plus, Joann tends to start conversations with, “I wonder …”

Who’s your favorite superhero? What do you think makes a great superhero?