Come Here! No, Come Here!

October 26, 2017

If you’re the leader of a city, you generally want many things for the people who live there. You want them to have great schools, good healthcare, and jobs, right?

Well, when Amazon, the online megastore, announced that they wanted to build another headquarters, a lot of cities scrambled to apply. Why wouldn’t they? The company will create 50,000 jobs for the chosen city and its neighbors. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, asked interested cities to “think big and creatively.”

So cities thought big … and creatively! Tucson, Arizona, gifted a twenty-one-foot cactus to the founder (which he later donated to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum).

The city of Stonecrest, Georgia, was willing to rename itself to … wait for it … Amazon!

A sandwich shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, promised a free sandwich to every employee if Amazon chose the city.

The mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, declared a new Amazon-themed holiday! (We love this one!)

And the people of Puerto Rico, ravaged by the recent hurricane, put together a bid to rebuild their island!

Amazon received 238 proposals and plans to announce the winning city in 2018! Good luck, cities!


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