Clean Up On Aisle Pacific Ocean …

May 4, 2018

Remember the story about millions of pieces of garbage in the Pacific Ocean? Well, there’s a plan to clean it up run by a company called The Ocean Cleanup, and it’s being called the “largest cleanup in history.” So wait … how does one go about cleaning up something as large as … gulp … the ocean?

The plan looks like this: A towboat takes a pipe and a ten-foot screen and drops them into the ocean where the garbage is collecting.

via @theoceancleaup

Sixty of these floating screens will move with the current to grab the garbage, and the pipes will route the plastic. The screens can catch large objects, but they cannot capture small micro beads of plastic just yet (and if you’re curious about whether fish will be trapped? Don’t worry—fish can escape by swimming under the screen!).

Via @Oceancleanup
via @Oceancleanup

The founder of The Ocean Cleanup, Boyan Slat, was just sixteen when he first came across ocean pollution while swimming off the coast in Greece. At eighteen, he founded his company with the goal of clearing garbage from oceans around the world.

Boyan Slat via @oceancleaup