China Celebrates Its Big Seven-Oh

October 4, 2019

How do you celebrate your birthday? At Xyza, we like to celebrate with friends and family, and maybe eat a slice or two of cake. But ever wonder how an entire country celebrates its birthday?

This week, China celebrated something big: seventy years of communist rule. Tens of thousands of soldiers marched through the streets of Beijing, innovative military weapons were on display, and large floats with images of communist leaders throughout the years roamed the well-orchestrated parade. Was it grand? Absolutely. Was it a way for China to show off its size, power, and innovations in military weaponry, or was it merely a way to instill pride in its citizens? It depends on who you ask. After all, it wasn’t until the 1980s when China opened up its borders to international investors and started to allow individuals to build businesses, that it started growing into the superpower it is today. To some, the parade represented how much China has grown. To others, however, it was a blatant display of world power. By showing off their high tech military weapons, some analysts believe that China is sending a clear message to the world: We’re powerful and our military is strong. Who knew a parade could say or mean so much?