Challenge Accepted: SF Mayoral Candidates

May 10, 2018

On December 12th, 2017, San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee passed away suddenly. Although Board of Supervisors President London Breed was initially named as interim mayor of San Francisco, Supervisor Mark Ferrell was ultimately appointed the position. On June 5th, San Francisco will be holding a special election for mayor. Eight candidates have filed to run in the election, but four look like they’re leading the pack. You may or may not be able to vote yet, but it’s always good to know who you’d vote for if you could, right? Here are the four leaders of the mayoral race in a nutshell. Our challenge to you? Ask your parents if they know what the four leading mayoral candidates care about.

via Facebook “Alioto for Mayor” page.

Angela Alioto
Current position: SF Attorney.
Former position: SF Supervisor.
Campaign tagline: Experience. Integrity. Passion.
What does Ms. Alioto care about?
Addressing the homelessness crisis, creating affordable housing, tackling transit issues, making neighborhoods safer, providing quality public education, and accessing health care for all.
Interesting fact: Ms. Alioto was born and raised in San Francisco, and her dad was former SF Mayor Joseph L. Alioto.

Jane Kim
Current position: SF Supervisor.
Campaign tagline: This is our city. Let’s take it back.
What does Ms. Kim care about?
Creating affordable housing and education, addressing the homelessness crisis, tackling inequality in the city, getting more jobs for SF, making the city safer, and defending SF against Donald Trump.
Interesting fact: Ms. Kim is the first elected Korean-American official in San Francisco.

London Breed
Current position: Board of Supervisors President.
Campaign tagline: The leadership we need to put our city back on track.
What does Ms. Breed care about?
Improving public education, tackling the homelessness crisis, making the city safer, and creating more affordable housing.
Interesting fact: Ms. Breed was born and raised in San Francisco by her grandmother. She was interim mayor of San Francisco from December 12th, 2017 to January 23rd, 2018.

via @Facebook “Mark Leno” page

Mark Leno
Current position: SF business owner.
Former position: California State Senator.
Campaign tagline: A new direction for San Francisco.
What does Mr. Leno care about?
Cleaning up City Hall, tackling the homelessness crisis, addressing mental health issues, creating affordable housing, stopping car break-ins, and defending SF against Donald Trump.
Interesting fact: Mr. Leno owns a small business called Budget, Inc., and if elected, he would be the first openly gay SF mayor.