Rihanna Adds To Her Growing Resume September 29, 2018

It seems like Rihanna—the singer, actress, fashion designer, and entrepreneur—has been work, work, work, work, work-ing a lot lately, but that has

What Would You Tell The World? September 21, 2018

Imagine having control over the messaging of a billboard on the wall of a famous city for a whole week … That’s sort of what the government of Swe

Where Are The Elephants? September 21, 2018

Botswana, a country in Africa, is home to one of the largest elephant populations in the world. When increasingly threatened the elephants, Botswana a

Dress Codes For Girls September 8, 2018

Girls and dress codes have often been in the news. Schools sometimes issue dress codes for students (no flip flops! no hoodies!) that aren’t exa

Teaming Up To Take A Stand September 8, 2018

“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” These were the words that rocked the internet this week. Well, it’s not so much

Who Is Jebi? September 7, 2018

Jebi, the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in twenty-five years, came crashing down on the country this week, lashing the coast and leaving more than a

Oh, The Lives They Led … September 1, 2018

Aretha Franklin  Only one singer is known as the queen of soul, and she recently died at the age of seventy-six. Aretha Franklin started her life as

A Population Problem September 1, 2018

It wasn’t that long ago (1979 to be exact) when China instituted a “one-child policy.” What’s that? Well, it was a policy that limited familie

Grease In Space August 24, 2018

If you think outer space is nice and clean, think again. Recent research by an Australian-Turkish team shows that there is plenty of grease in space.


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