The World Is Changing: France Speaks Up May 15, 2017

Elections around the world are being closely watched, and for good reason. Last year, two major elections resulted in surprise outcomes: the United Ki

South Korea Elects a New President May 10, 2017

On May 9th, nearly two months after former President of South Korea Park Geun-hye was formally impeached, South Koreans went to their polling booths

A Royal Goodbye May 5, 2017

Prince Philip Steps Down Buckingham Palace officially announced that, ‘His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh has decided that he will no longer c

A Bump for a Bump? April 30, 2017

Can you buy a plane ticket only to be bumped from the flight? The answer: yes. You see, airlines often overbook their flights. Why? Because an empty s

Earth Day Around the World April 23, 2017

Thousands of People Make Their Voices Heard on Earth Day Ah, Earth. It’s the planet that we call home. It’s the planet that provides for us, shelt

Happy Thai New Year! April 17, 2017

It’s April 13th and you’re walking around the city of Bangkok, Thailand when all of sudden you feel a sprinkling of water on you. “Oh, I must ha

Then & Now: A Country Running out of Money April 17, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: Last year, Xyza wrote about Venezuela’s economic crisis. Global oil prices had decreased which meant trouble for Venezuela, a country

Then & Now: It’s Not That King’s Torso… April 17, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: In March, a torso, head, and ear of a statue were unearthed in Cairo, Egypt. Given the size of the statue (just the torso itself weighe

Then & Now: Free Money in Canada Too! April 17, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: It’s an idea that cities like San Francisco and countries like Finland are experimenting with: giving away money for free. By giving