India vs. Pakistan October 11, 2016

Just because you don’t get along with someone o the field, doesn’t mean you don’t get along with him on the field, right? Well, that goes for co

Change Is in the Air October 11, 2016

Remember drawing a picture of the sun when you were younger and adding sunglasses and a big goofy smile to it? We certainly did! And if we were to dra

Dinner Table Conversation: What Can Adults Learn from Kids? September 26, 2016

At the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit, concern for the tens of millions of refugees displaced by war, poverty, and other dangers could b

France Says Non! To Plastic September 21, 2016

If you visit France today and buy something at a grocery store, you won’t be offered a plastic bag for your purchased item. That’s because back in

How Cool Is This? Burning Man September 11, 2016

Tens of thousands of people headed to Black Rock Desert, Nevada for an event called, “Burning Man” earlier this month. Burning, what? Burning Man

Swimsuit Banned in France September 11, 2016

A swimsuit is causing quite the fuss in France. A swimsuit? Yes, a swimsuit — the burkini. Not a traditional swimsuit, the burkini covers the entire

A President Is Impeached September 11, 2016

In August, the world had its eyes on Brazil. For the first time ever, a country in South America hosted the Olympic games. Brazil had the opportunity

Paralympics Take on Rio September 11, 2016

Following the Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil had the opportunity to host the Paralympics (the Olympic games for athletes with physical disabi

Is Scoring as Simple as 1-2-3? August 12, 2016

It depends. When you watch football, you know that your team has scored when you hear the announcer say, “Goooooaaaalll!” When you watch a track a