Then & Now: A Country Running out of Money April 17, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: Last year, Xyza wrote about Venezuela’s economic crisis. Global oil prices had decreased which meant trouble for Venezuela, a country

Then & Now: It’s Not That King’s Torso… April 17, 2017

    WHAT HAPPENED: In March, a torso, head, and ear of a statue were unearthed in Cairo, Egypt. Given the size of the statue (just the torso

Then & Now: Free Money in Canada Too! April 17, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: It’s an idea that cities like San Francisco and countries like Finland are experimenting with: giving away money for free. By giving

Then & Now: A Troubled Leader April 17, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: Last month, South Korean President Park Geun-hye was o cially impeached. She was accused of allowing her close friend access to governm

A Constitutional Change: Turkey Wants to Make Changes to Outdated Laws April 16, 2017

On April 15th, the people of Turkey went to their polling stations to vote on a referendum: change the current constitution or keep it the same. The o

The Fighting Continues in Syria April 14, 2017

Another Attack That Makes the World Take Notice Here at Xyza, we’ve been talking about the world’s refugee crisis a lot, with much of our attentio

International Women’s Day: How Far We’ve Come, How Far We Still Need to Go March 30, 2017

Do you know that there’s a day to celebrate the achievements of women? It’s called International Women’s Day and on March 8th people from around

World Photography Contest March 16, 2017

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words Every year, Sony (an electronics company) and the World Photography Organization (an organization that brings phot

The Oscars: A Lesson in How to Lose? March 13, 2017

Although there were many memorable moments at the 89th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, the shocking turn of events during the “Best Picture” annou


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