Miami Just Scored a Major GOOOOAAAALLLL! February 9, 2018

David Beckham: a professional soccer superstar. He’s scored eighty-five goals and won countless trophies. He’s also a father and model, an

Update: Come Here! No, Come Here! February 8, 2018

Last October, online retail giant Amazon decided that they needed more space. Well, actually a lot more space—they were looking to build a second he

Is America Great Again? February 2, 2018

Earlier this week, President Trump made his first State of the Union address, sharing his thoughts on what his greatest accomplishments have been in t

A Brick That Can Build It All February 2, 2018

A fire-breathing dragon. A monster truck. A temple of DOOOOM! An amusement park. If you can dream it, you can build it—with Legos, that is. It’

Is Chief Wahoo Really Gone? February 2, 2018

What’s your school mascot? At Xyza, it’s our funny-looking sea monster who’s both curious and silly. Mascots can serve a number of r

Ursula K. Le Guin, Science Fiction Writer February 2, 2018

Science fiction can be fascinating—it can push the imagination to think about what science can achieve. Robots, dinosaurs, experiments … there are

A Movie (Theater) Premiere February 2, 2018

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman—also the First Deputy Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia—is bringing about some pretty radical changes to the conserv

An Unforgettable Open February 2, 2018

One of the most improbable wins during the Australian Open tennis tournament occurred last week. Hyeon Chung, a South Korean tennis player ranked fift

We Are Women … Hear us Roar! January 27, 2018

They came, they marched, and once again women (and men too!) from around the world united to make their voices heard on the one year anniversary of th