Which Country Is the Best When It Comes to Recycling? December 19, 2016

It may seem like second nature now to throw your plastic bottle into a recycling bin, but it wasn’t long ago (just ask your parents!) when peopl

From Space Age to Garbage Age? December 3, 2016

Sputnik was a tiny satellite launched by the Soviet Union (now Russia) in 1957. It was tasked to do two simple things: 1) send beeping signals from ou

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Does a full moon ever grab your attention? You may have seen a really large one last month. That was a supermoon, which is a full moon that is closer

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Want to know a secret that’s actually not that much of a secret? Sugar isn’t that great for you — it causes cavities and can make you sick. Afte

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What do molecules, math, self-destroying cells, an agreement, contracts, and songs have in common? Yes, they’re all cool, but these things are also

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Yes, and people are making it happen! In September 2016, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla (an electric car company) and SpaceX (a company that manufact

Change Is in the Air October 11, 2016

Remember drawing a picture of the sun when you were younger and adding sunglasses and a big goofy smile to it? We certainly did! And if we were to dra

France Says Non! To Plastic September 21, 2016

If you visit France today and buy something at a grocery store, you won’t be offered a plastic bag for your purchased item. That’s because back in

How Did Lucy Die? September 11, 2016

Lucy the Australopithecus is the oldest known human ancestor. When her bones were discovered in a shallow stream in the country of Ethiopia 42 years a