TRAPPIST-1 and the Seven Planets: We’re Not Alone March 1, 2017

NASA made a huge discovery — or seven of them, to be exact! This is big news in the search for extraterrestrial life, and the first time that this m

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WHAT HAPPENED: Last March, Scott Kelly, a NASA astronaut, landed back on Earth after calling outer space home for almost a year. Why was he out there

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Picture this: You’re enjoying a day in the park with a nice popsicle in hand when all of a sudden something comes chasing you down. A bumblebee! “

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In the 1960s, there was a “space race” that had space scientists racing to see which country would make the greatest strides in space discovery fi

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On Monday, February 7th, freeways in northern California were jammed with 100,000 people rushing to escape a possible flood, as a 30-foot wall, holdin

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If you live in California and you think that it’s been raining and pouring and the old man has been snoring, you’re right! And if you think, “Go

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It may seem like second nature now to throw your plastic bottle into a recycling bin, but it wasn’t long ago (just ask your parents!) when peopl

From Space Age to Garbage Age? December 3, 2016

Sputnik was a tiny satellite launched by the Soviet Union (now Russia) in 1957. It was tasked to do two simple things: 1) send beeping signals from ou