International Women’s Day March 9, 2018

On March 8th, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. A day just for women? Absolutely! But why? Women make up approximately half of the wor

A Week of Fashion March 2, 2018

When you think of New York City, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Here at Xyza, we think of the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, skyscrape

How Do You Like Them Portraits? February 18, 2018

For former presidents of the United States, getting their portraits painted and then hung in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery is a rite of pa

A Bibimbap Recipe for the Games February 9, 2018

It’s almost time for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, so what better way to kick off this spectacular event than with a Korean

Day Zero in Cape Town February 9, 2018

Day Zero isn’t a day to celebrate the number zero, although residents in Cape Town, South Africa, wish it were. Instead, it’s the day when the

Is Chief Wahoo Really Gone? February 2, 2018

What’s your school mascot? At Xyza, it’s our funny-looking sea monster who’s both curious and silly. Mascots can serve a number of r

When a Couple of Plates Move … January 26, 2018

On Monday morning, people on the West Coast of the United States and Canada woke up to a rather startling surprise. An earthquake in the Gulf of Alask

Junior Reporters Interview Laura Biondo January 26, 2018

Laura Biondo is a freestyle soccer record holder. What does that mean? It means she has won awards for being pretty awesome with the soccer ball. Like

Pizzas Get Delivered in Thirty Minutes or Less by No One? January 19, 2018

How do you get a pizza delivered to your door when there is no one to deliver it? You get an automated car to do it for you! Sounds like a joke, but i