Making More Than Just a Move? December 8, 2017

A single move can say a lot. Just think of the game of chess and how one move influences not only your next move but your opponent’s as well. No

No Snow, No Problem! December 8, 2017

How do you compete in a winter sport if you’ve never even seen snow? Well, three women from Nigeria are going to make history by being the first wom

San Francisco Isn’t Just Cool … November 23, 2017

Recently, Forbes, a magazine that mostly covers news about business and money, named San Francisco, California, the “coolest” city. Nope, not the

Election Day: I Voted November 11, 2017

November 7th was Election Day in the United States. Although this was an off-year election— meaning it was a year without a presidential election—

Chinese President Xi Jinping Makes History November 3, 2017

What does it mean to be written into the constitution? Well, in China it means that you have A LOT of power! Very few leaders have been written into C

News in Pictures: A Win. Winners. A Win? October 26, 2017

A Lone Fighter Peter Lang, the founder of a wildlife preserve called Safari West, stuck it out alone during the recent Santa Rosa fires to protect the

Scientists Have a Beef With Beef October 26, 2017

You’ve probably figured it out by now that small actions can make a big impact. For example, by bringing a reusable bag to the store instead of aski

Saudi Arabia Says Women Can! October 7, 2017

Yippee! You’ve just celebrated your sixteenth birthday, and in most countries, that means that you can drive. But if you’re a girl and liv

Women and Sports October 7, 2017

Your school probably has several soccer and basketball teams. There are girls’ soccer teams, boys’ soccer teams, and sometimes even coed teams. Ev