What Would Ms. Frizzle Do? May 11, 2018

If you know the show The Magic School Bus, then you know that Ms. Frizzle, the creative fourth-grade science teacher, could take on any task and adven

Challenge Accepted: SF Mayoral Candidates May 10, 2018

On December 12th, 2017, San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee passed away suddenly. Although Board of Supervisors President London Breed was initially named

A Meeting Sixty-Five Years In The Making May 4, 2018

We see and read about this all the time: The leaders of two countries meet, and they chat about issues like trade, policies, strategy, and of course,

Díaz-Canel, Not Castro April 27, 2018

The country of Cuba has a new leader … really. His name is Miguel Díaz-Canel, and he was officially named Cuba’s next president after the country

Complaints Curb Fee Hikes … For Now April 27, 2018

Last year, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke proposed raising the entrance fee for seventeen of the most popular national parks—and we’re not talking

No, You’re Not Our Prime Minister April 27, 2018

Can a prime minister quit? The short answer is yes, but like most things, the idea of “quitting” is complicated. Oftentimes, prime ministers don

Update: Scooters: Are They A Convenience Or A Nuisance? April 26, 2018

Update: And the fight continues … It started off as something innocent enough: electric stand-up scooters that anyone in San Francisco could use to

Dinner Table Conversation: When Does Tradition Cross the Line? April 20, 2018

Did you know that sumo wrestling is the most ancient sport in Japan, dating back almost 1,500 years? The sport is steeped in both tradition and folklo

A Tax-ing Game April 20, 2018

Last month, President Trump issued a tariff on imported steel and aluminum. The move was purported to help bring jobs back for the US steel and alumin


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