A Twenty-Year War Just Ended! July 13, 2018

Ethiopia is one of the most populated countries in Africa. Twenty years ago, Eritrea, the northern part of Ethiopia, gained independence, but the newl

Brexit? Not Quite … July 12, 2018

Remember when the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (EU) two years ago? Well the actual departure hasn’t happened yet.

Good For Skin, Bad For Coral Reefs July 12, 2018

Hawaiian Governor David Ige is doing something that has a lot of people wondering about their sunscreen. This week, Mr. Ige signed a bill that bans th

And The Nominee Is … July 12, 2018

It’s been about two weeks since US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement after thirty years on the bench. Since then, Presi

AMLO Is Mexico’s New President July 12, 2018

Andrés Manuel López Obrador won the election this week in Mexico rather easily, receiving the highest percentage of votes in more than fifty years.

It’s Been Decided  July 6, 2018

Did you know that when a person is nominated and confirmed to be a US Supreme Court justice, that person gets the job for life? Sweet, right? In the h

Nine Judges And Tough Decisions June 29, 2018

The Supreme Court has nine judges, and this month, they were rather busy reviewing landmark cases and delivering verdicts. Here we discuss four of tho

Why Were Families Separated? June 29, 2018

June was a significant month in terms of the United States’ immigration policy. The US government decided to separate children from their parents if

Taking On Goliath And Winning! June 29, 2018

Last week, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a twenty-eight-year old who has never held an elected office, surprised everyone by winning a democratic primary


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