Who Broke the Internet? October 11, 2016

It happened on an unsuspecting Friday when all of a sudden people couldn’t access popular websites like Twitter, Net ix, Spotify, and Amazon. Oh, th

Is It Possible…to Create a Wind Farm in the Ocean? September 11, 2016

Yes and it has been done! Wind turbines are large windmill-like objects that create electricity from wind. Wind turns the large blades of the wind tur

Is It Possible…for Two Planets to Look Alike? September 11, 2016

Kind of…it’s a trick question, but don’t be mad at us because the explanation is really cool! Astronomers discovered a planet in a neighbori

Is It Possible…to Go to School Without Getting Vaccinated? September 11, 2016

Not if you go to school in California. It’s now the law, kids! No exceptions! Vaccinations (you know those shots you get at the doctor’s office) a

Is It Possible…for Parks to Get Bigger? September 11, 2016

Yes! Yosemite National Park recently grew, 400-acres bigger actually — that’s the size of over 333 football fields! Earlier this year, an organiza

A President Is Impeached September 11, 2016

In August, the world had its eyes on Brazil. For the first time ever, a country in South America hosted the Olympic games. Brazil had the opportunity

Bank Tricks Customers September 11, 2016

Everyone loves a reward: a trophy upon winning a soccer game, a scoop of ice cream after a long day at school, a toy for finishing weekly chores. We a

Piping up Against Pipelines September 11, 2016

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and other Native American tribes have joined together to protest the building of an oil pipeline in North Dakota. This p

People Protest the Police September 11, 2016

In the first presidential debate, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were asked how they would address growing problems with police and certain com