Birds vs. Drones April 1, 2017

France Is Fighting Drones With Eagles With the threat of rogue drones spying over sports stadiums and the like, the French army is training four golde

Happy Birthday to You, and You, and You! March 13, 2017

Here at Xyza, we’re all about celebrating birthdays! After all, what’s there not to like? Cake, candles, party hats, and happy birthday wishes all

South Korean President Impeached March 5, 2017

From Trailblazer to Ousted Leader In 2013, Park Geun-hye was sworn in as the first female president of South Korea. During her campaign, she made many

Kids vs. The U.S. Government March 5, 2017

Who Says We Can’t Take You to Court? Around the globe, war is being waged. Not a war of army against army, but of humanity against the emerging

Xyza Interview: A Host Family’s Story March 1, 2017

Here at Xyza, we have been following the story of the international refugee crisis. There are over 21 million refugees in the world—people who have

Then & Now: Dakota Access Pipeline February 17, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: Since early last year, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and other Native American tribes have joined together to protest the building of a

Then & Now: A Space Study February 12, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: Last March, Scott Kelly, a NASA astronaut, landed back on Earth after calling outer space home for almost a year. Why was he out there

Is Mars the Next Earth? February 12, 2017

In the 1960s, there was a “space race” that had space scientists racing to see which country would make the greatest strides in space discovery fi

You Get Free Tuition! You Get Free Tuition! February 12, 2017

S.F. says no need to pay for school!  Ah, San Francisco, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Earlier this month, San Francisco’s Mayor Ed L