Birds vs. Drones April 1, 2017

France Is Fighting Drones With Eagles With the threat of rogue drones spying over sports stadiums and the like, the French army is training four golde

World Photography Contest March 16, 2017

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words Every year, Sony (an electronics company) and the World Photography Organization (an organization that brings phot

The Oscars: A Lesson in How to Lose? March 13, 2017

Although there were many memorable moments at the 89th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, the shocking turn of events during the “Best Picture” annou

TRAPPIST-1 and the Seven Planets: We’re Not Alone March 1, 2017

NASA made a huge discovery — or seven of them, to be exact! This is big news in the search for extraterrestrial life, and the first time that this m

Super Bowl: Touchdown! February 13, 2017

It’s being called the largest comeback in Super Bowl history— and why not? The Atlanta Falcons were leading the New England Patriots 28-3 with les

What the Heck Is Groundhog Day, Anyway? February 13, 2017

Maybe you’ve heard of Groundhog Day … or just seen the movie with Bill Murray. Groundhog Day is an American tradition where people watch a gro

Grammy’s: More Than Just an Award Show! February 13, 2017

Did you watch the Grammys? Viewers were abuzz over a few surprising moments, including a microphone malfunction, a superstar stopping mid-way through

Then & Now: Shamu January 17, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: Last year, SeaWorld announced that after 60 years of orcas (or killer whales) flying into the air and splashing happy families in the

Gong Hay Fat Choy January 12, 2017

Happy 4714! Wait, don’t we mean 2017? No, actually we really do mean the year 4714, which is also the year 2017. Even more confused? Let us explain.