Nothing A Battery Can’t Do? January 11, 2018

We know storms can damage homes and communities, but they can also destroy something else that’s very important: power lines. Puerto Rico recently s

Big Reputation, Big Sales January 11, 2018

Historically, musicians have sold albums. Whether LP records, cassette tapes, or CDs, the number of units sold indicated if the albums were a top hit.

Dinner Table Conversation: What Can Robots Do? January 11, 2018

San Francisco, California, has a curious relationship with technology. The city is close to Silicon Valley (famous for innovation in technology), but

#MeToo December 22, 2017

Every so often, a small protest turns into a big movement, sometimes bringing about change. In the past year, many women have bravely come forward to

A Winning Team, but a Loss Nonetheless December 14, 2017

The last few years were somewhat of a fairytale for the San Francisco Deltas, a soccer team that was formed just two seasons ago. The team was new, yo

A Chat Worth Reconsidering? December 14, 2017

Ever hear “Maybe when you’re older” from your parents? We’re pretty sure you have. Even if it’s super annoying (come on, hear us out!), the

Clothing For All: One Company Gets It Done November 11, 2017

Getting dressed for school is probably fairly easy for some people, but it’s not quite as easy for many kids with disabilities. Imagine fastening bu

Drones Can Do That? October 19, 2017

Imagine this: you’re looking up at the sky and all of a sudden a burrito drops down out of nowhere! You do one of those cartoon shakes of your h

A Retailer Goes Offline? October 13, 2017

When you’re looking for the latest toy or the trendiest clothes, where do you go? If you ask your parents where they went when they were kids, t


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