Catching The Perfect Wave

September 21, 2018

Ever seen surfers riding waves when you visit the beach? Surfers around the world flock to the ocean for one thing: to find a great set of waves. To them, finding the “perfect” wave could even be a lifelong search!

This month, surfers are riding a different type of wave … right smack dab in the middle of California! Kelly Slater, a professional surfer, and scientist Adam Fincham teamed up to create Surf Ranch. The goal was to create the perfect infinite surfing wave, which means it can be created over and over again.

Photo Credit: Toben Dilworth

The Surf Ranch project took almost six years to conceive. Slater and Fincham took their novel idea to a small city in the middle of California where space was cheap and where they could experiment with different types of waves. Although some think that a man-made wave is a good thing (it eliminates the unpredictability of natural ocean waves), others aren’t so sure. What’s the thrill in knowing exactly the kind of wave you’ll be riding anyway, right? Well, while surfers continue to debate, Surf Ranch hosted its first pro surfing competition earlier this month and one thing’s for sure, everyone had a pretty sweet time.

What do you think of artificial waves? Are they a technological marvel, or are they taking the fun out of being in the ocean and surfing natural and imperfect waves? Perhaps both?