Can You Score Too Much?

June 23, 2019

Have you ever played a team sport like soccer? If you have, your team was probably a part of a larger league, and that league might have had rules like a limit on how many goals a team can score during a match so the losing team doesn’t feel so defeated. Well, there are no such rules in professional soccer.

Earlier this month, the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off with teams from around the world competing for the coveted title of World Cup champion. The team to beat? Team USA who is ranked number one in the FIFA standings. In the first match of the tournament, Thailand, ranked 34th, played against USA. The game ended with USA defeating Thailand, 13-0. While that is a huge loss for Thailand, it was Team USA who was criticized for their performance. Some sports commentators thought that Team USA was unsportsmanlike and celebrated their overwhelming victory a little too much, especially after their thirteenth goal. Others, however, disagreed and defended Team USA’s actions. After all, every goal is worth celebrating, but when a goal gives your team the title of the most goals ever scored in a World Cup, a little more celebrating might be in order.

What do you think? Was Team USA excessively celebrating or were they celebrating like any other team would when they make a goal?

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is expected to continue through July, and while Team USA is the team to beat, France, Australia, and Brazil are expected to put up a good fight for the title of champion.

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