Brexit? Not Yet

November 1, 2019
via Pixabay

It looks like the Brexit saga hasn’t ended just yet, but the people of the United Kingdom (UK) will get their say as to which political party will hopefully help them finally leave the European Union (EU) on December 12th when a snap election (or an election that happens before a scheduled election date) will be held. Why a snap election? Prime Minister Boris Johnson is determined to win a majority in Parliament so that he can get his Brexit deal passed. He is hoping a snap election will win his party (the conservative party) the majority in Parliament. The main opposition party, the labour party, doesn’t want this to happen but agreed to a snap election when the EU agreed to a “flextension,” or a flexible extension. In other words, the EU has agreed to extend Britain’s exit deadline to January 31st, but if Parliament can agree and pass a deal before the deadline, they can leave sooner. What will happen? We’ll have to wait and see, but this is the third time that the exit deadline has been extended. We’re hoping that the people of the UK will finally get a resolution to Brexit. Third time’s the charm?

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