Boston Marathon: It Took Over Thirty Years …

April 20, 2018

On Monday, April 16th, nearly 27,000 runners gathered in Eastern Massachusetts to participate in the Boston Marathon—a cold, rainy, and grueling 26.2-mile run that challenges even the most prepared of athletes.

In the women’s division, American Desiree Linden took home first place, despite having stopped early on in the race to help fellow elite runner Shalane Flannigan. The last time an American woman won the Boston Marathon was in 1985. Congratulations, Ms. Linden!

In the men’s division, Yuki Kawauchi of Japan took home first place. The last time a Japanese man won the Boston Marathon was in 1987—the year Mr. Kawauchi was born. While the brutally cold and rainy conditions got the best of some of his peers, Mr. Kawauchi said he liked the weather conditions and attributed his win to the cooler temperatures. Congratulations, Mr. Kawauchi!

Interesting fact: Ask any runner and they’ll probably say that the Boston Marathon is unlike any other. Why? Because the Boston Marathon requires runners to qualify for the race—with times that are pretty tough to achieve.