Boris Johnson Gets The Job

August 3, 2019

What happens after the leader of a country resigns? Some countries call for a special election, some might appoint a leader, and others will elect people for the position and have its parliament vote on who gets the position.

In July, British Prime Minister Theresa May resigned. Why? The bottom line was that she couldn’t figure out how Britain would exit the European Union (EU), which was the main reason she was elected in the first place. (Not sure what the EU is or what Brexit was all about? Check out our short video explaining everything here!)

Foreign and Commonwealth Office [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]
For nearly two months, the people of Britain (and the world for that matter) wondered who would be their next leader. At one point, there were eleven people being considered for the job. In the end, however, the person who was perhaps the loudest and championed the idea that Britain leave the EU got the position. Boris Johnson, once the mayor of London, a Member of Parliament, and foreign secretary, was voted into the position with over 66% of the votes. Does that mean that he’s well-liked and fellow MPs are confident that he’ll get the job done? Perhaps, perhaps not, but he has until the end of October to prove himself to his fellow MPs, the people of Britain, and the world that he’s worthy of this leadership position. No pressure!