Book Review: The Wolf Keepers

May 28, 2020

What are you doing this summer? If you’re looking forward to diving into a good book, you might want to check out The Wolf Keepers by Elise Broach. Junior Reporter Santiago L. gives his review of the book below. Check it out!

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The Wolf Keepers Book Review
By Santiago L.

Junior Reporter Santiago L.
Photo Courtesy of Junior Reporter Santiago L.

The Wolf Keepers is a good mix between history and fiction. The two protagonists, Lizzie and Tyler, are so different yet work together so well. When Lizzie meets Tyler behind the Elephant House, it makes you think that they will immediately be best friends. The author (Elise Broach) does a magnificent job describing the animals in the story.

And now, like any good review, on to the story plot. This book starts out with Lizzie living in a yellow house at a zoo near Yosemite. One day after watching the wolves and writing in her journal, she goes to the mess hall to get a snack. When she gets there, she sees a boy in a blue shirt walking up to a table where a mom and her child left their food to get drinks. The boy casually walks up to the table and grabs a tray and walks away. Lizzie follows him and gets the food, but before he runs off, she gives the food to the woman and goes after the boy and finds him behind the Elephant House. He tells her that his name is Tyler. Over the next few days, they become better friends, but then Lizzie’s dad tells her that the wolves are getting sick and that one named Athena has died.

Over the next few days, Lizzie allows Tyler to stay in his Grandma’s part of the house, but Lizzie first finds out that the vet disposed of Athena’s body already and that a wolf named Tamarack has gotten sick. The next day, Lizzie and Tyler go watch the wolves at night and find out that someone has been coming into the pen and giving the wolves shots. The next day, Tyler finds a photo album of black and white photos that has a photo of John Muir’s lost cabin. Lizzie’s favorite wolf, Lobo, also gets sick and dies, and Lizzie’s dad orders an autopsy. Lizzie and Tyler decide to investigate, and when they are looking through the window, they notice the vet is giving the bodies of Tamarack and Lobo a shot and loading them into the back of a truck. But before the vet drives away, Tyler and Lizzie jump into the back of the truck and leave the zoo.

Lizzie and Tyler discover that they are on their way to Yosemite, and Tamarack and Lobo awaken. Lizzie and Tyler escape before the vet can find them, and the vet releases the wolves into Yosemite. Lizzie and Tyler are stranded but manage to survive one night and then see a sign that says “Tenaya River,” which is supposedly were John Muir’s lost cabin is located. They end up on the path, and Lizzie sees the wolves and slips on something and falls into the river. Tyler pulls her out with a branch. When Lizzie goes to find out what she slipped on, she finds out it was an underground wooden room where they find a coin with “1869” on it. Lizzie and Tyler realize that they have found John Muir’s not-so-lost cabin (because they just found it). They eventually make their way to Yosemite Village, and then their parents pick them up. The story ends with Lizzie and Tyler in a treehouse looking at Lizzie’s journal that she calls The Wolf Keepers.