Awkward…the Ex-Gambian President Couldn’t Let Go!

February 12, 2017

What does a country do when a former president refuses to let go, even when he’s been voted out of office? That’s exactly what happened in The Gambia,
a small country in West Africa. In December, the people of The Gambia voted for Adama Barrow to be their new president. At first, former President Yahya Jammeh accepted his defeat, but then, in a strange twist of events, he decided to fight the results and said, “I am not a coward. My right cannot be intimidated and violated. This is my position.” Ultimately, Jammeh gave up control and left the country. Whether he made the decision to accept his defeat on his own, or was forced to accept it as a result of military threats from neighboring Senegal, no one knows for sure. What is for sure is that newly elected
President Adama Barrow is making human rights a priority for the country, something former President Yahya Jammeh was accused of violating. Curious to know where Gambia is? Check out the map below!