Are You Leaving, Shamu?

April 26, 2016

Yes, but I will be around…

You might know SeaWorld as a place where you can watch dolphin shows and ride rides, but that’s not the reason why SeaWorld has been in the news lately. SeaWorld announced that it will be ending its orca (or killer whale) show and stop breeding them in their parks. Why?

SeaWorld began as an idea for an underwater restaurant in 1964 but quickly evolved into a marine zoological park in San Diego. One of its main attractions was Shamu, a killer whale that charmed thousands of people with amazing leaps and other fun tricks. In the last few years, however, SeaWorld has been accused of animal abuse (keeping their whales in small and unnatural spaces). Some whales have gotten very sick and some have even turned against their trainers, causing them harm. Whatever the reason, Sea World has announced that they will be ending their killer whale shows. Instead, they are working on a “new orca experience” that will be unveiled in 2017.

Would you support a show that used animals for entertainment?