Are Pop-Up Museums Really Museums?

August 9, 2018
Credit to Mathew Tucciarone for Santa Monica Place

Here at Xyza, we love museums, but exactly what constitutes a museum is heavily debated between Sapna S. and Joann S., Xyza’s co-founders. Sapna defines a museum as a place where you can learn more about one topic through analysis, while Joann defines a museum as a place of learning and discovery through a collection of things. To Joann, the latest craze of pop-up museums should definitely be considered museums, while Sapna strongly disagrees. But why are we talking about pop-up museums again, and why do Sapna and Joann secretly (or not so secretly!) have their debating gloves up again? Well, Joann, a fan of pop-up museums like the Museum of Ice Cream and the Color Factory, can’t wait to take her kids to Candytopia, a pop-up museum that’s setting up in San Francisco and New York City. The organizers of Candytopia are calling it a “four-month interactive art installation,” where guests get to experience rooms filled with vibrant colors and flavors, and let’s not forget, the much-anticipated marshmallow tsunami! Whether you’re a fan of pop-up museums or not, or believe pop-up museums are actually museums or not, one thing’s for sure: This will be one sweet experience.

Credit to Candytopia

What constitutes a museum for you? Do you think pop-up museums such as Candytopia, the Museum of Ice Cream, and the Color Factory are museums?