Are Electric Cars Popular?

July 8, 2017

Many countries have electric cars, but we wanted to find the answer to the question “In which countries are electric cars the most popular?” The answer? Norway is the number one country, where almost one out of every three cars sold is an electric car! In the United States, electric cars are slowly gaining popularity but still represent less than one in every hundred cars sold! Our map shows the top seven countries where the electric car is growing in popularity:

Data via IHS

Want some more fun facts?

—Norway hopes that by 2025, every new car sold will be an electric car!

—In the Netherlands, even though electric cars are popular, nobody drives cars in a town called Houten (everyone bikes!).

—The German car company BMW showcased their first electric car in the 1972 Summer Olympics.

—China has the biggest market for another type of electric vehicle—the electric bicycle!