April Fools’ Day Roundup

April 7, 2018

If you thought only individuals come up with cool pranks for April Fools’ Day, you’re mistaken. Companies have long been “in on the joke” as well, coming up with funny and ridiculous products and sharing them with unsuspecting customers! Here are a few ways that companies carried out April Fools’ pranks this year:

Auntie Anne’s

The pretzel company pretended to launch a new line of “pretzel oils,” including freshly baked, salty, and cinnamon twist oils.

via Twitter

Burger King

Chocolate Whopper anyone? The hamburger chain announced its latest burger, which included a chocolate cake bun, chocolate patty, raspberry sauce, white chocolate rings, candied orange, milk chocolate leaves, and frosting. Yum or yuck?

Head & Shoulders

The shampoo company announced its latest product, “Knees and Toes”!


Google announced a Bad Joke Detector, a tool that scans your phone, finds the bad jokes in your emails, messages, and posts, and … deletes them!

Google also announced that Chromebooks can be powered by wind (or sun)!