Apple vs. Government

March 24, 2016

Taking a bite out of crime?

You know that big company called Apple that makes all of those iPads and iPhones? Well, they’ve been in the news a lot lately and it’s not because they came out with a new gadget.

A few months ago, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) asked Apple to help them with an investigation into a crime that hurt a lot of people. They agreed. But when the FBI asked Apple to help them “unlock” the iPhone that belonged to the person who committed the crime, Apple refused. Why? The FBI asked

Apple to build something that would bypass (or go around) the security measures that they had built and put into every iPhone to protect the privacy of their customers. Just think about what you have to do when you want to play with your mom or dad’s phone. You first have to type in a passcode or have them unlock it with their fingerprint. But if you try to unlock the phone too many times, the phone can erase itself! Those are some of the security measures that Apple put into place on each iPhone.

Some think that the government is overreaching and shouldn’t be able to ask a company to create something that would break the security measures they put in place to protect their customers. Others think that Apple is being stubborn; there is no real danger to building a backdoor around their security measures. It’s now up to a judge to hear what each side has to say and decide what should happen next.

Update April 2016:

  •  The FBI hacked into the iPhone that they asked Apple to help them with and now Apple wants to know how they did it!