And You Thought It Was Just Torn Jeans!

March 9, 2018

Quick—how many people around you are wearing something made of denim? Probably quite a few. Denim is one of the most popular types of cloth used to make jeans, jackets, and accessories. One of the more recent trends in denim has been the “worn-out” look.

The interesting thing about faded or worn-out jeans is that it takes a lot of effort to make the jeans look, well, old. According to Levi’s, one of the most popular denim companies, it can take eighteen to twenty-four days to make a pair of jeans look old! After stitching together jeans, workers use powerful chemicals and a process called sandblasting to make the jeans look a bit shabby. There are a few thousand chemical combinations that are part of this process. 

Levi’s says they will start using laser technology instead to create these jeans. That means less effort and fewer harsh chemicals. A win-win! The process includes photographing jeans and creating lines on the image with a computer to mark where the wrinkles, tears, and marks should appear. Laser technology then takes over to produce the effect in less than three days!

Hurray for chemical-free jeans! Of course, you could wear your jeans for years to achieve the same effect too. It’s probably more fun that way, right?