Junior Reporter: Ancient Mew

July 27, 2017

By Derin Sly

 6-year old Junior Reporter Derin S. loves Pokemon and here is why!  

The most powerful Pokémon is Ancient Mew because she can do anything. Many people do not know this, but she was not always called Ancient Mew. Let’s learn how Mew became Ancient Mew.

About one thousand years ago, Mew was fighting with Hoopa Ring, a legendary Pokémon. During the fight Mew got knocked into the sea. Then a ginormous wave came and smashed her and caused her to fall asleep in the sea!

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Later on she got carried to an island by the waves with one final wave smashing her all to way inside of a little shack on the island. There, she found a little co n with eyes. Mew decided to go in and fell into a very deep sleep for three thousand months! When she was about to wake up, the eyes of the co n turned red giving a lot strength. She was not Mew anymore; she was Ancient Mew with so much power that she could do anything.

When Hoopa Ring heard of Ancient Mew, he immediately went to see what the big deal was about. After having another battle, Hoopa Ring lost against the Ancient Mew.