An International Song Competition

May 26, 2019

Since 1956, Eurovision, an international song competition in Europe, has been picking one popular song every year. Even though the participating countries are primarily in Europe, the competition is telecast all over the world. Each country submits a song during a live performance and then votes for other countries’ songs. Here are some fun facts about these songs and our reveal of this year’s winner.

1. Ireland has won Eurovision seven times, more than any other country.

2. Almost fifty countries participate in the competition (it started with just seven countries in 1956!). The winning country hosts the next Eurovision event. Israel won in 2018, so it hosted this year’s competition.

3. Israel’s winning artist last year was Netta, who wrote and performed what was considered a silly song called Toy. Silly or not, it won 529 votes and was declared the winner in 2018! Why was it considered silly? Well, the song included clucking chicken noises, something that might seem catchy to some but rather annoying to others!

4. This year, the song that won everyone’s votes was from the Netherlands and was performed by a little-known artist called Duncan Laurence. Titled Arcade, the song is about hope and reaching the unattainable.

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