A Zoo’s Tough Decision: A Boy or a Gorilla?

June 7, 2016

It’s summer break and you decide to visit the zoo with your parents. You’re walking along when you hear a little boy tell his mother that he wants to get in the moat of the gorilla exhibit. You think to yourself, “That’s silly! That’s not a play area, that’s where gorillas live!” But before you know it, the boy falls into the moat and is now face to face with a 450 pound gorilla. It may sound like an unbelievable story, but this actually happened at the Cincinnati Zoo. As a result, the zookeepers had to kill Harambe the gorilla in order to save the boy.

But why kill a critically endangered species? Could the zookeepers have done something else to save the boy? Perhaps, but according to officials at the Cincinnati Zoo (as well as gorilla experts and officials from other zoos), they had no choice. Whether or not Harambe meant to hurt the boy, his actions worried zookeepers and they had to make a quick decision before more harm was done.

This incident has upset a lot of people, and some want “Justice for Harambe.” The police and other organizations are now investigating the incident to figure out how this all happened in the first place and how to prevent this from happening again.