A Strato What?

September 29, 2018

Imagine an airplane with a wingspan (the distance between the outer tips of the wings) longer than a football field. Well, it’s being built as we speak. The world’s biggest airplane, dubbed the Stratolaunch, has two cockpits and twenty-eight wheels!

via @stratolaunch

What could such an airplane possibly be used for? Carrying things into difficult areas? Transporting passengers and cargo from one place to another? Perhaps, but the Stratolaunch is meant for a loftier purpose. You see, the plane is intended to be the new way to launch satellites into space. When a satellite launches into space today, a lot of fuel is spent putting it into the airspace. Well, the Stratolaunch is expected to solve that problem by carrying four launch vehicles in its massive body. Once at high altitude, the plane will drop the vehicles which will then rocket into low orbit from mid-air.

The aircraft is expected to test its maiden voyage later this year, so stay tuned!