A Reason To Cry

October 4, 2019

What one vegetable could your family not give up? Broccoli perhaps or maybe carrots? Well, in India, most people would say the precious onion as it’s considered part of the everyday diet. So when the onion supply recently decreased due to severe drought and then heavy rains, onions became the vegetable everyone was talking about!

When people cannot easily get an essential vegetable like the onion, they become predictably unhappy and sometimes go to extreme measures. In India, people began protesting because onions were being sold outside of India while people living in the country struggled with high prices and sellers who hoarded onions for profit. What is the Indian government doing? For now, they are focused on their citizens rather than trading with other countries, which means not a single onion is allowed to leave the country until the situation gets better. The vegetable that was once sold across the border to many neighboring countries and shipped to faraway places as well will no longer be available to international buyers.

Nepal, for example, imported more than 300 million pounds of onions from India in one year alone. But now, with onions staying in India, at least the Indian people can bring it back to their daily diets without pinching their purses!