A Promising School Year

August 24, 2018

It’s August which probably means you’re headed back to school. Excited that school’s finally starting? Sad that summer’s over? Nervous about the new year? Whatever you’re feeling, it’s totally normal and believe it or not, your parents, teachers, and fellow students are probably going through the same mix of emotions. Don’t believe us? Well, it’s true! Even NBA stars like LeBron James had jitters on the first day of school. Why? Well, his foundation, the LeBron James Family Foundation, partnered up with Akron Public Schools to open up a brand new public school in Akron, Ohio (Mr. LeBron’s hometown) called the “I Promise School”. On the first day of school, 240 third and fourth-graders walked into the school to find welcoming teachers, new school supplies, nutritious meals and snacks, and bicycles waiting for them. Why a bicycle? Because Mr. LeBron said that his bicycle helped him get to places like the local community center which made a real impact on his life. But beyond what I Promise is promising its students, it’s also asking its students to make promises too. What are these promises? To go to school, do all their homework, ask questions and find answers, to have fun, and a few others to make sure that they have the best school experience. I Promise is also taking things a step further and making a promise to its families. Parents can access resources that will support their own education and career development. Now, these are some promises that we can all get behind!