A President Is Impeached

September 11, 2016

In August, the world had its eyes on Brazil. For the first time ever, a country in South America hosted the Olympic games. Brazil had the opportunity to show o its beautiful land, people, and culture, and boy did they do just that! But after the competitions were held, the medals awarded, and the stadiums emptied, Brazil had other things to tackle. What was the first thing on its list? The impeachment trial (or a trial where the president is accused of doing something illegal and if guilty, would be removed from office) of their President Dilma Rousse .

Why? She’s accused of taking money from one government program and moving it to other programs in order to hide Brazil’s money woes! This
is illegal in Brazil. Her defense? She’s done nothing illegal and that these accusations are just a way for her opponents to take over the government. During her trial, she defended her commitment to Brazil and said, “I don’t fight for my term for the power, but I fight for the democracy for truth and justice and the people of my country.” Well, sadly, despite her defense, the Senate found her guilty and impeached her from office. Her Vice President is now finishing up her term as President of Brazil.