A Measly Situation

May 31, 2019

The United States currently has a record high number of measles cases—more than 800 cases have been reported this year alone. The infectious viral disease was once considered all but eliminated in 2000. The movement in the 1980s to vaccinate people against the virus was immensely successful, so why are the measles making a comeback?

Scientists attribute the current measles outbreak to the fact that many families are choosing not to vaccinate their children against viruses. The rise in the number of measles cases has prompted a big discussion about vaccinations in general. While most doctors believe that vaccinations are crucial, there are some people who believe otherwise. Many public health organizations and schools are pushing for stricter vaccination requirements. In fact, a bill recently passed in Washington stating that parents could not list “personal belief” as a reason to not vaccinate their children against measles.

Many diseases have been eliminated thanks to vaccinations, but the way viruses spread and how they affect people is still being heavily researched. For that and other reasons, doctors across the country have pushed for vaccinations, flu shots, and other preventive measures.

Have you heard your doctor speak about preventing infections from viruses? What suggestions have you heard?