A Marathon to Remember

April 30, 2017

What does it mean to run 26.2 miles? An incredible achievement for anyone,
that’s for sure! But to one woman, it’s more than just an achievement, it’s a right that was stripped away from her 50 years ago. Kathrine Switzer was just 20 years old when she entered the Boston Marathon. She doesn’t claim to be the first woman to run in the highly-regarded race, but she was the first to officially register. After running a few miles, the race director ran after her and tried to tear the bib (the piece of paper with a number on it that runners wear, so they can be identified as a participant of the race) off of her shirt. Well, Kathrine finished the race, but was later disqualified.

Since then, Kathrine has become an advocate for women in sports, has run 40 other marathons, and just finished the Boston Marathon at the young age of 70.

Congratulations Kathrine, and thanks for showing all of us that there is a place for women in sports!