A Historical Race

May 1, 2016

Who will be the next President of the United States?

U.S Presidential Elections Candidates 2016

Donald TrumpHillary ClintonBernie Sanders

Party: Republican
• Background: Billionaire businessman
• Campaign Slogan: “Make America Great Again!”
• His Agenda: Border Control, Trade, and Healthcare
• Interesting Fact: He is the presumed Republican nominee but he
hasn’t convinced his entire party to stand behind him.
• Party: Democratic
• Background: First Lady, Senator of New York, Secretary of State for
the Obama administration,
• Campaign Slogan: “Hillary for America”
• Her Agenda: Child Care, Equal Pay, Education, and Healthcare
• Interesting Fact: If Hillary wins, she’ll be the rst female President
of the United States.
•Party: Democratic
• Background: Senator of Vermont
• Campaign Slogan: “A Future To Believe In” and “Feel the Bern”
• His Agenda: Economic Reform, Medicare, Jobs, the Environment
•Interesting Fact: If he wins, he’ll be the oldest person to ever become the President of the United States.