A First For Yellowstone

October 11, 2019

Have you ever visited Yellowstone National Park? It’s an incredibly beautiful 3,471 square miles of untouched nature spanning three states: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Millions of people visit every year and get the opportunity to soak in the beauty of its amazing vistas covered with lodgepole pines, over 1,150 native plants, and wildlife such as wolves, bears, elk, and moose. But who maintains this vast piece of land for so many to enjoy day after day and year after year? It takes a lot of people to make sure that national parks continue to be a place for all to enjoy, but the person who leads these efforts is the chief ranger. Since Yellowstone was established as a national park in 1872, the job of chief ranger has been given to men—that is, until now.

Via National Park Services

Last month, Sarah Davis was selected to be the first female chief ranger of Yellowstone National Park. She’s a 20-year veteran of the national parks and has a history of tackling large jobs. As the chief ranger of Yellowstone National Park, she’ll be overseeing more than 275 employees! Davis will be the eighteenth chief ranger since Yellowstone became a national park. Congratulations, Ms. Davis!

In honor of this history-making moment, we’re sharing a few fun facts about Yellowstone National Park.

1.  Yellowstone is the world’s first national park!
2.  Although Yellowstone was the first national park and spans three states, it’s only 1/77th the size of the largest national park in the world. The title of world’s largest national park belongs to Northeast Greenland National Park in Greenland. It spans an area of 972,000 kilometers squared, or approximately 375,000 miles squared.
3.  Yellowstone is known for its active geysers. There are more than 500 active geysers in the park, which make up about half of the world’s geysers.
4.  Yellowstone is home to sixty-seven species of mammals.
5.  If you love a good hiking trail, there are approximately 1,000 of them for you to try out in the park!
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