A First for NASA

March 5, 2017

How does someone train for a trip to outer space, you might ask? Well, one of Jeanette’s training exercises was to wear a spacesuit for hours, get into a pool that is 40 feet deep, and practice working on repairs with only six ounces of water for drinking when she was thirsty. Another training exercise? She has to prepare for the trip back from space. Even with the best technology, there’s always the possibility that she’ll land on a very cold region of Earth. To prepare for this part of her trip, she visited Russia to practice surviving in harsh winter conditions (we’re talking -24 degree weather!) with minimal tools. Seems tough, right? But if anyone can do it, Jeanette can! Growing up, her sister helped her keep on track of her goals and fended o people who discouraged her. Go siblings! We look forward to hearing about your ISS adventures, Jeanette!

Interesting Fact!

This is the International Space Station. It is a spacecraft that is about the size of an American football eld. It orbits around Earth and serves as a research lab for astronauts. This is where Jeanette Epps will be spending six months working on research projects as a crew member.