A Brick That Can Build It All

February 2, 2018

A fire-breathing dragon. A monster truck. A temple of DOOOOM! An amusement park. If you can dream it, you can build it—with Legos, that is. It’s no wonder that Legos have been around for over eighty years and continue to provide hours and hours of entertainment for kids and grownups alike. But did you know that the Lego brick in its current form was launched over twenty-five years after Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded the Lego company in 1932? Yeah, it took a long time to perfect a seemingly simple toy, right? But just think about what those little bricks can become when attached together!

There’s a Lego store in London, England, where a machine will take a picture of your face and then give you all of the pieces needed to build your face … well … a nice mosaic of it at least. At LegoLand, everything is built out of Legos. Seen The Lego Movie? Yep, the entire movie set was made out of Legos! So for the sixtieth anniversary of the Lego brick, we here at Xyza are celebrating by doing exactly what the word Lego means—we’re “playing well”—with our kids!

Here’s something that Joann, Xyza’s co-founder, is working on with her kids:

Can you guess what they’re building?

If you guessed that we’re building our own version of Legoland, you’re right!

Do you love playing with Legos? We’d love to see what you’ve created. Share a picture of what you’re working on by emailing us at editor@xyzanews.com.