A Blazing Battle

May 1, 2016
Canada fights a record wildfire

Wildfires are incredible fires that are just what their name suggests: wild! Strong winds help wild res travel quickly from one place to the next. A stretch of hot weather will cause trees to become dry and brittle, making it easier for them to catch fire. These conditions are some of the reasons why wildfires can start with even the smallest of flames and burn down an incredibly large area of land in a matter of hours.

That is what’s happening in Alberta, Canada. A small wildfire quickly turned into one of Canada’s largest wildfires, taking down the entire town of Fort McMurray and large forested areas around it. This fire, nicknamed “The Beast,” has already devastated an area half the size of the state of Rhode Island and will most likely continue to burn for months. But there is hope that the fire will at least be contained soon with the help of hundreds of fire fighters from around the country fighting the blaze on the ground and in the air. The Alberta government is even using drones to help fight the fire, hovering them above the fire to get a better picture of how the fire was started and where it is heading.

It’s going to be an uphill battle that may take months to win, but things are already looking better — fire fighters have been able to save some schools, houses, and buildings.

Update June 2016:

  • Over 1,500 firefighters are still fighting one of Canada’s largest fires, but people were allowed to return earlier this month to their homes in Fort McMurray, the place where the blaze began.