The Early Bird Gets The Vote! April 14, 2018

What happens when you turn sixteen? Perhaps you get that sweet sixteen birthday party you’ve been dreaming about, or perhaps you finally! get your d

A Senator Of Many Firsts April 13, 2018

Earlier this week, Illinois Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth became the first senator to have a baby while in office. Congratulations, Senator Duckw

Junior Reporter: Interview of Ethan Castillo April 13, 2018

Xyza Junior Reporter Clarissa R. had the opportunity to attend Silicon Valley Comic Con and interview one of her favorite young artists, Ethan Castill

Twice The Charm! April 7, 2018

The Villanova Wildcats college basketball team won their second national title in three years this week. Donte DiVincenzo scored thirty-one points off

What Did Facebook Do? April 7, 2018

Social media—it’s the modern form of communication and a way to connect with people. After all, if you want to connect with someone, you just have

Rubber Duckies Are Caught Red-handed April 7, 2018

Scientists have been studying germs for decades. They want to know what causes germs to spread, how they live and grow, how to get rid of them, and wh

The Guys Are Bringing It Too! April 7, 2018

Have you ever watched a Super Bowl? Notice anything about the cheerleaders? Yep, they’re all women! But not for long—for the first time in Nationa

To Ask Or Not To Ask April 7, 2018

Seventeen states sued the US government this week over a single question. Wait, what? You see, every ten years, the United States conducts a to figure

April Fools’ Day Roundup April 7, 2018

If you thought only individuals come up with cool pranks for April Fools’ Day, you’re mistaken. Companies have long been “in on the joke” as w