Love Is Love Is Love December 14, 2017

The Netherlands was the first country to do it: legalize same-sex marriage. That was seventeen years ago. Since then, twenty-two other countries have

A City Mourns an Extraordinary Mayor December 14, 2017

Here at Xyza, we often talk about how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. That’s what our beloved San Francisco Mayor, Ed Lee, did

Colin Kaepernick: Making a Difference Off the Field December 8, 2017

Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t always the popular thing. Last year, as a form of protest, former 49ers NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick decid

An Olympics-Sized Ban December 8, 2017

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) issued its most severe punishment recently, banning the country of Russia from participating in the 2018 Win

And the Investigation Continues December 8, 2017

It’s been an ongoing FBI investigation: Did Russia meddle in the 2016 US presidential election, and if so, were Donald Trump’s campaign wo

Making More Than Just a Move? December 8, 2017

A single move can say a lot. Just think of the game of chess and how one move influences not only your next move but your opponent’s as well. No

No Snow, No Problem! December 8, 2017

How do you compete in a winter sport if you’ve never even seen snow? Well, three women from Nigeria are going to make history by being the first wom

A Signature Shrinks a Bear and a Staircase … Now What? December 8, 2017

With the stroke of a pen, President Trump shrunk the size of Bear Ears National Monument by over eighty percent and Grand Staircase-Escalante National

Dinner Table Conversation: How Can You Win and Lose at the Same Time? December 8, 2017

The last few years were somewhat of a fairytale for the San Francisco Deltas, a soccer team that was formed just two seasons ago. The team was new, yo