Then & Now: A Space Study February 12, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: Last March, Scott Kelly, a NASA astronaut, landed back on Earth after calling outer space home for almost a year. Why was he out there

Bumblebees Have Been Listed! February 12, 2017

Picture this: You’re enjoying a day in the park with a nice popsicle in hand when all of a sudden something comes chasing you down. A bumblebee! “

Is Mars the Next Earth? February 12, 2017

In the 1960s, there was a “space race” that had space scientists racing to see which country would make the greatest strides in space discovery fi

You Get Free Tuition! You Get Free Tuition! February 12, 2017

S.F. says no need to pay for school!  Ah, San Francisco, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Earlier this month, San Francisco’s Mayor Ed L

More Than Just a Leak February 12, 2017

On Monday, February 7th, freeways in northern California were jammed with 100,000 people rushing to escape a possible flood, as a 30-foot wall, holdin

Awkward…the Ex-Gambian President Couldn’t Let Go! February 12, 2017

What does a country do when a former president refuses to let go, even when he’s been voted out of office? That’s exactly what happened in The Gam

Queen Elizabeth II: 65 Years and Counting! February 12, 2017

On February 6th, 1952, Queen Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI passed away. At the young age of 25 years old, Elizabeth II took over the throne

President Trump’s First Month: Love It or Hate It? February 12, 2017

It’s been a month since President Trump took office and it seems like he hasn’t wasted any time. In fact, he’s already signed 26 executive order

Black History Month: Who Are You Honoring? February 1, 2017

Who are you honoring? February is Black History Month, a time to remember, recognize, and honor African Americans for playing a pivotal role in the hi